English Corner turns 14 years very sooooon!!!
We would like to share our happines to all English Corner listeners with some prizes.

How to win the prize..? Easy!

  1. Write min 5 sentences telling us :
    • Your experience listening to English Corner program (Has it been useful or confusing or enriching your knowledge about English, or etc).
    • Suggestion(s) for the English Corner program.
    Send the written sentences via WA 0817.222.959. Please put your name and short address in it.
  2. Make a video.
    The content will be the same as point no 1 with maximum duration of 59 seconds or less than 1 minute.
    Send the video to WA 0817.222.959 or you can tag us via Instagram (not private account).

You can chose one of them: Written Sentences OR Video.

We will wait your video from February 17th, 2021 until Sunday, February 28th, 2021
The winner will be announced on Monday, March 1st, 2021.

We will choose 3 winners for:

  1. Cash Money @Rp 100.000
  2. Craft Vouchers @Rp 100.000 from Bikin Bikin Crafts @bikinbikincrafts
  3. Merchandise from Bikin Bikin Crafts

Good luck!

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